Arganese ML3 Torpedo

on January 23, 2010 in Arganese

Arganese ML3 – Torpedo

Size: 6 7/8” x 52
Strength: Full
Wrapper: Brazil 
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic

So I was visiting my local B&M and I was looking through their large selection of cigars when I saw a sale on Arganese cigars. I hadn’t had anything from Arganese yet so I thought this would be a opportunity to be introduced to some new cigars. The one cigar that really caught my attention was the ML3. I love maduros and when I found out that this cigar sported a Brazilian maduro wrapper, I knew that stick was the first one I was going to smoke.

Before going any further, here is some background information on the cigar. A gentleman by the name of Gene Arganese is producing these cigars out of the Dominican Republic. The name of the cigar being reviewed here, as previously stated,  is the ML3. That stands for Maduro Ligero times 3. There is also a CL3, Corojo Ligero times 3, which I will be reviewing at a latter date. Both cigars come in only two vitolas, the torpedo and robusto. Anything with this much ligero is going to be strong but the real question I had for this cigar is not whether just how strong but rather how was the flavors that it had to offer.

Right before I lit this cigar I took a second to examine the wrapper. It was very dark and had a nice oily sheen, just what I expect out of a Brazilian maduro. I used the pinch test on the stick and it was rather firm. The owner of the B&M I was at, Zee, told me that if the draw became too tight, just to cut it again to loosen it up. I was hoping that I wasn’t going to have any problems.  This cigar had a enticing spicy aroma to it. When I lit the cigar, I used a technique that I have just started using and really like where I first toast the foot where the flame doesn’t even touch the cigar and then I lightly blow on it and repeat until the cigar is lit and then I cut it with my Palio. I will discuss this technique at a later time.

The first half inch or so of the cigar was strong and spicy. I was hoping that it had more to offer. It did! About an 1 1/2” into it, the ML3 started to produce a more tasty spice and there was some sweetness that came through after the draw. There was a lot of spice through the nose. The cigar started to develop a creaminess to it that I found a bit surprising for such a strong cigar. Other tastes that came up were that or nuttiness and coffee.

I was really pleased with how this was going. It was a pleasant surprise to have the cigar start off in a somewhat disappointing way only to open up to nice rich flavors. But this is when I started to have problems. These problems were caused by myself and not of the cigar. There was a buffet of food that I could not resist. I helped myself to some venison, beef, etc. and it was great. Only thing was that I put my cigar down while I ate and it went out on me. So I examined the cigar and found about an inch of it was pretty hard so I thought that I would try to save the cigar by clipping off the offending part and relighting it. After that was done, I re-lit the cigar and I still didn’t have any draw issues but unfortunately the ML3 had reverted back to it’s original flavor profile that it had when I first lit it. I was hoping that it would improve just like it had before but no dice. When the cigar started to require some touch-ups near the end, I just elected to put the cigar down and not nub it.

This brings us to the final verdict of the ML3. I have to say that I really enjoyed it. It had nice construction, good flavors, good spice, a good price point, and just overall enjoyable. The band on the ML3 is also rather attractive, not that the band on a cigar adds to or detracts from its performance, it’s just nice to have a cigar where aesthetics was taken into consideration. The price of the cigar makes it especially attractive for those of you out there that also enjoy full bodied cigars such as Don Pepin, Camacho, and the like.

This is a cigar that I am going to have again for sure and I give it 4 out of 5 stars.



***** Must Try
  **** Excellent
    *** Decent
      ** Poor
        * Avoid

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